Carina Stinchcombe BA Hons IIHHT APNT


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My aim with bodywork is to address specific areas of pain and tension and find a way to help you to engage with your body and your process of release in a meaningful way. 

When treating physical pain, reduced mobility, structural imbalance or dysfunction, the best results come when we recognise that the physical and emotional aspects of Self are interconnected and inseparable.

I create a space for healing and readjustment to take place by tailoring the treatment to your personal needs.  It is essential to work at a pace that your body finds acceptable.  I am always thorough and purposeful and, when needed, I work deeply, my treatments, however, are not a “no pain, no gain” exercise, I intend for all treatments I offer to be empowering, nurturing and effective.

I have been a massage therapist and body worker since 2001.  I have a background in philosophy, psychology and cultural studies, which has fuelled my interest in and understanding that the human body is a complex system of communication and consciousness as well as a fascinating biomechanical organism. I have trained in Nutritional Therapy and have personal interests in dance, yoga and meditation, all of which have been formative in my work.  

I use soft tissue techniques and myofascial release therapy to help restore function and mobility, and to help you to reconnect with and release patterns of holding that are no longer serving you.
 "Each session with Carina is my hour of solace and rebalancing which sets me up for the week better than anything I can think of!  Her gentle manner and her intuitive way of working discovers knots and tightnesses that I am unaware of, and I leave feeling uplifted and energetic and 'smoothed out"     June, life coach
The more I work, the more I realise just how essential massage is.  Essential in both senses of the word;  Connecting with our physical body is core and central to the human experience, and also, relaxation and therapeutic touch is truly necessary. Read more on the benefits of massage
Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. All of your information and the content of your treatments is held in the strictest confidence