I share some of the feedback I've received with gratitude:


"This retreat bettered my expectations!  Heather and Eliza were both lovely, friendly and warm hearted.  The house and my room were just lovely.  Kirstie's food was incredible! I loved my treatments, the massage was one of the best I've ever had!  I liked having the treatments in our own rooms. Thank you."

Becky, May 2015, Bristol (Rebecca Adlington, OBE, Multiple Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth medalist including two Olympic Golds) from a Retreat Yourself Pregnancy Retreat where I regularly offer massage treatments.

"Extremely professional tailored massage, Carina had a lovely presence from initial meeting to end of treatment" Lucy, Physiotherapist

"Carina has a unique ability to discover tension that I didn't even know was there, I always leave feeling so uplifted." John, Consultant Doctor


"I felt truly nurtured and amazingly relaxed during the massage. After the treatment I felt refreshed and energetic."  Piri, mother of three


"Each session with Carina is my hour of solace and rebalancing which sets me up for the week better than anything I can think of!  Her gentle manner and her intuitive way of working discovers knots and tightnesses that I am unaware of, and I leave feeling uplifted and energetic and 'smoothed out"     June, life coach


“Hands down, one of the best massaged we have ever had – we can’t praise her skill and kindness enough!”


“I’m 35 weeks pregnant, feeling uncomfortable all the time, suffering with swollen ankles and carpal tunnel.  I booked in to see Carina and she was amazing.  She made sure I was comfortable at all times and I can’t remember the last time I felt that relaxed.  The massage was wonderful from start to finish.  By the time we had finished I felt normal again, like I did before I was pregnant…the most professional massage I’ve ever had”




In response to Myofascial Release therapy:


“I came away with a knowing that somehow I’m inhabiting by body more fully and deeply than before.  I feel such gratitude to experience the safety and care of the healing touch you bring to me – who’s primal experience was so very different.”


“This work is remarkable! You should put that on your website!”


“Carina and the treatments have helped me on my healing journey tremendously, realising what I have been holding onto in my body through trauma and illness to gradually make peace and let go of what isn’t doing me justice anymore”