Baby Massage Tuition

I have completed the Baby Massage Instructors Certificate with the FHT.  I have full insurance and a CRB certificate that covers those working with children and vulnerable adults.

Before a child is born, he or she is held within the warmth, comfort and safety the mother's womb, experiencing the gentle rocking of her movements.   Upon entering the world our instinct is to cradle and gently ease our child into a safe environment. Recieving touch is a birth right, through touch we can convey so many powerful messages; touch has the capacity to reassure, to comfort, to show acceptance and to heal.  It is perhaps especially meaningful to those who haven't yet learnt to communicate through speech. 
What other benefits are there?
Why do I need tuition?
Learning at home
Parents need massage too!  That's for sure
How to arrange a course
Baby & Parent Massage Gifts

What other benefits are there?
If receiving loving touch wasn't enough there are other qualities that baby massage has.
  • Many people report that regular massage helps their child's sleep patterns,
  • It can ease a fretful child
  • help with digestion
  • ease constipation
  • provide relief from colic 
  • It helps the bonding between child and care-giver,
  • some studies have shown that baby massage has a positive effect with mothers with post-natal depression.
  • Children develop wonderful coordination and self awareness while being massaged and it can contribute to their self esteem.
  • Often fathers find they don't have a clear role within the early stages of a childs life, learning to massage their child can significantly increase their confidence and emotional attachment to their child.
Why do I need tuition? 
I am very much in favour of people working intuitively with massaging their own family.  If you feel confident with it then that is wonderful, go with it and let the love flow. 
If like many people you want to know a bit more about what is going on as your baby's body develops or if you worry that you might get it wrong, or perhaps if you just like the idea of learning new skills within a group then instruction can be really rewarding and a lot of fun. 
I can teach you ways to use your body to make the experience as relaxing for you as it is for your baby.  I can help you work with particular health issues in connection with your child's health care team.  You will find the classes relaxing and enjoyable and your baby will love them too.

Learning at home
I find working in people's homes offers such wonderful flexibility for everyone.  One way that works really well is to gather a group of friends together to share the costs of tuition and then you can take it in turns to have a massage yourselves.
What you need to have at home is a space big enough for your group of friends to gather in and another space that a mobile massage table could be set up in, it is approximately the size of a single bed and you need a clear three foot all the way round to accomodate movement.

 Massage for the parents too
Each class I've run, the feedback has always been the same, can you give us a massage now too?  Well, I'd love to and working within homes makes that possible because with small children and babies you need flexibility, a bit of informality and some home comforts so you don't have to come too prepared!
So after the baby's have had their bit, about 45 minutes to 1 hour of tuition on baby massage, then the parents can have a Holistic Massage from me on my mobile table while their friends take care of the little one.  Perfect.
There are many variations as to how this works best  but an example could be something like this;
There are five friends and we decide to do four 1 hour baby massage sessions.  On the first day friend one will have a massage, on the second week friend two will have a massage and perhaps on the fourth week friends four and five will each have a massage and we'll have a slightly longer day.
Or perhaps there are just two of you and you each want to have a shorter massage at every tuition session.  So 1 hours of tuition followed by a half hour treatment each while the other looks after the two babies. 

How to arrange a course
It can be very flexible, which is why it's best if you have any queries at all, don't just think about it, phone me or email me to discuss it, you won't be committing to anything if you just ask.
Firstly gather together your group, and consider which day would be best for you.  I am available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
Tuition fees per 45 minutes - 1 hr Holistic Massage per 1/2 hour
£40 £20
Tuition fees are shared between the whole group, each massage is paid for individually, 

Great as a Gift
You might want to consider baby and parent massage as an original gift for new parents.  I can put together tailor made gift packages for you;  just phone for more information.