Pregnancy Massage

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" During my massage sessions with Carina I can finally
switch off from all the demands and pressures of work
and really enter into a relationship with my new journey
into motherhood.  I feel it puts me and my baby at the
centre for a while, these moments are so precious."   
I consider myself to be very lucky to have supported many women through their pregnancies and births, I have an ever growing interest in pregnancy and birth preparation and in 2010 I deepened my knowledge of pregnancy massage through studying with Well Mother.

I myself have two children and benefited enormously from massage during both of my pregnancies.  Giving massage to pregnant women is such an honour for me, it is an opportunity to share knowledge, to support and empower women in a transformational time in their lives. 

I offer an individual treatment plan which can include massage sessions, gentle exercise and relaxation suggestions for pregnancy and labour.  I also teach simple massage techniques for birth partners to use throughout pregnancy, labour and beyond.


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Even the most straight forward pregnancy puts a woman’s body through an unparalleled series of changes.  Massage can
  • Ease back pain
  • Ease muscular tension
  • Ease water retention (oedema)
  • Provide the opportunity for deep relaxation
  • Help you to find comfortable positions for pregnancy and labour
  • Help you to connect with the pregnancy and the baby
For many, pregnancy is a very straightforward process and for some it presents more challenges and complications.  Everyone can benefit from massage as an opportunity to have this experience witnessed and supported. 


Many women find that they continue to have active and often very busy lives during their pregnancy, many women will continue to work until the late stages of their pregnancy or are caring for other children or both.  The appointments they have with their health care team or midwives will provide them with opportunities to discuss any pressing concerns but rarely do women find these sessions emotionally supportive or provide them with a chance to really connect with the pregnancy. 

Most women will attend some ante-natal classes in groups and this is a wonderfully supportive environment where they will often develop a peer support network as well as benefiting from the advice of the class facilitator. 

Receiving massage however, is a unique way of really taking time out to be with the pregnancy and to deeply relax, for many this is a really special time.  In the words of one client;

" I found that with adjusting to the pregnancy  and with working such long hours, I could feel the tension mounting up in my shoulders.  It would start to really affect my mood.  When I had a massage I’d feel it lifting away.  It was such a relief, I could see the world differently and being pregnant felt like a joy again."