Covid-19 Information

Updated 4th November 2020

Thank you for checking in, I am happy to confirm that during the second lockdown the government has recognised that face-to-face treatments may be necessary for some people for whom pain and lack of mobility impact significantly on their quality of life.  So I am pleased that this means I am able to continue treatments if this applies to you,  I would however, advise that clinically vulnerable individuals avoid close contact services at this time.  A telephone call will be necessary to deem the most appropriate course of action for you, so at present my online diary is closed.

 I am hoping to resume normal practice from December 2nd and the online diary is (optimistically) open from this time.  You will notice that there are no 90 minute appointments available at present, that is in line with government guidelines to keep treatment contact time to a minimum.

It is my feeling at this stage that I still won’t be able to offer treatments to anybody who is deemed to be clinically vulnerable;  Therefore, if any of the following apply to you, I am afraid that we will have to wait a little longer.

  • Over 70 years of age and with any predisposing medical conditions.
  • Have chronic respiratory disorders
  • Chronic heart disease
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Neurological conditions including Parkinson’s, Motor Neurone Disease, MS, Cerebral Palsy
  • Diabetes
  • Have undergone an organ transplant
  • Undergoing any form of cancer treatment
  • Taking immunosuppressant medication
  • Sickle cell or SCID

I am so sorry if this feels like an exclusion but I hope that you understand that it is only with your best interests at heart that I have reached this decision.

In addition to this, if you are booked in for a treatment, I would ask that you remain vigilant about your health.  If you develop any of the following symptoms, you must cancel your appointment;

  •   New persistent cough
  •   A high temperature
  •   A loss in normal sense of taste or smell.

I will also cancel all treatments if I become ill with any of those symptoms.

If you need to cancel for Covid related symptoms or as a precautionary measure if you have been contacted by the Test and Trace system or anyone close to you has become unwell, I will waive the usual cancellation fees to support you in making the right decisions for the health of our communities.

If you find that you become ill after your treatment, please let me know immediately.   I will comply fully with the test and trace system, which means that I will hold the contact details of all of my clients in accordance with regulations so that I can support our broader community in staying well, all of the details that I hold are always in compliance with GDPR and I continue to make sure that all of your personal details are kept safe.  Please confirm with me that you are happy for me to use your details for these purposes.  See my full privacy policy for more details.

When you come, you will notice a few changes in place in my house and treatment room.  This is to facilitate my ongoing, but currently more rigorous, commitment to hygiene.  I will have in place a cleaning protocol that will be implemented between each client and deep cleans at intervals throughout the week.  If you want to see the manner in which I plan to clean and deal with laundry etc I am very happy to share that with you if it helps you to feel at ease and confident that you are safe in the clinic setting.  Your comfort and wellbeing remain the most important aspect of your treatment and I hope that the protocols don’t detract from the warmth and care that I so enjoy bringing to your bodywork sessions.

It is now mandatory for you to wear a face mask during any close-contact service in England.  Please wear your face mask to your appointment.  I will be wearing the required face mask and visor.  



Some more housekeeping that you can help me with, if you don’t mind…

Please bring your own water with you, but please don't bring your own sheets or towels.

If you are able to pay on line, that would be greatly appreciated and if you need to pay cash please bring the correct amount.

If you are able to continue to make your appointments via the online booking system that too would be appreciated.  It would seem that keeping our face-to-face contact time to a minimum is a defining factor with the government guidelines. I would much prefer that time was spent on the couch than on the online diary!

After your treatment I will need adequate time to clean before the next client, I have made treatment times spaced to accommodate this, but your support in leaving promptly would be very much appreciated.


If you have any feedback or suggestions about how you would like me to proceed, I am constantly reviewing my procedures and protocols and would be happy to take on board your experiences and suggestions in order to improve them.